Aquaculture Feed

Aquaculture continues to grow faster than other major food production sectors, supplying 53% of fish intended for human consumption and providing a fundamental source of human nutrition worldwide. However, with over a third of wild fish stocks being fished at unsustainable levels, the future of fishmeal and fish oil (valuable sources of nutrition in aquaculture feed) is looking uncertain. Due to exaggerated fluctuations in cost and supply in recent years, the industry is urgently seeking sustainable solutions to aquaculture nutrition. Inspired by the natural consumption of insects by wild fish and crustaceans, our upcoming aquaculture insect blend is specially formulated using yellow mealworms to provide a sustainable premium alternative to fishmeal and fish oil with a comparative nutrient profile.

When is it available?

Production is scheduled to happen this Spring. If you would like to be kept informed then please get in touch!

Can I order a sample?

We will be offering a free sample soon.


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