Pioneering sustainable feed for our future food

Our mission: Pioneering sustainable feed for our food

Entec Nutrition is a British company at the forefront of the development of farming insects as an environmentally friendly, high quality and nutritious source of feed. With our passion for nutrition and sustainability we are transforming the livestock, aquaculture and domestic pet feed markets by producing consistent high-quality insect products that our customers can rely on, while protecting them from the price fluctuations that are common within the feed industry.

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Our Team

Dr Olivia Champion, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO

Olivia brings a wealth of experience to the Entec Nutrition team. As a co-founder of BioSystems Technology, Olivia brought the company to the forefront of development of alternative research models, making Bio Systems Technology a world leader in the production of standardised insect larvae for research. Having also worked for Public Health England and the World Health Organisation her expertise in food safety and passion for ethical solutions and sustainability is invaluable.

Professor Richard Titball, PhD
Co-Founder and CSO

Richard is an internationally recognised researcher in the field of molecular bacteriology and molecular microbiology. Alongside Olivia, Richard co-founded BioSystems Technology and pioneered the use and adoption of wax moth larvae as a research model. Richard has also worked for The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the University of Exeter, and his technical expertise is a great asset in our ongoing innovation.

Miss Emma Theobald MRes
Business Development

We met Emma while she was working ona research project investigating edible insects and the circular economy with the University of Exeter. Her passion for sustainability, understanding of the emerging edible insects market and willingness to get stuck-in is an asset to the team.

Emma has worked on a diverse range of projects including lobster aquaculture, science outreach and bat conservation at a mine site.

Our Partners