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We are pioneering the development of insect farming.

We aim to deliver sustainable, high quality and nutritious products for poultry, pet and aquaculture feed. Using highly efficient automated processing and artificial intelligence we are looking to revolutionise feed production systems; reducing CO2 emissions with our energy efficient insect rearing technology while providing socially responsible, cost effective nutrition.

Our WHY?

We are driven by a desire to relieve pressure on the natural environment by developing a lower carbon alternative to fishmeal and soybean meal.

Our techniques and development

Building upon successful pilot studies we launched our lab-scale production of yellow mealworms in 2019, rearing them using nutrient-dense brewery spent grains (the major by-product of the brewing industry).

Our mission

We are now moving into the product testing phase of our yellow mealworm with industry partners, and we are excited about the development and release of our new product range in the near future. These products will include defatted insect meal, chitin and enriched insect oil, in addition to insect products derived from the house cricket. Initially selling to the aquaculture, poultry and pet feed food industries on a regional and then countrywide scale, we hope to release the UK feed industry from its reliance on international imports, improve environmental sustainability and increase productivity, helping to move the industry towards a net zero emissions future.

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March 6, 2020